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Welcome to the blog!

Hello. Welcome to my writing blog.

I'd like to give you a little bit of background knowledge on this site: I never expected it to become what it is. Inkblot started as a silly little project I worked on in summer camp. The year was 2016.

The camp was about web design, and I - having been a writer at heart for quite a long time - knew if my website wasn't going to be about stories and writing, I was not going to make one. So what did I do? Made one. What did I do after that? Forgot about it completely.

Yep. Once those five days of camp ended, I forgot about the site and didn't work on it anymore for another two weeks. Then one day at dinner, my mom asked, "Whatever happened to that writing website of yours? I don't see you working on it anymore." So I returned to Inkblot and looked at it, and I was stunned. Two weeks had passed, and it was so different. I saw so many things in it I wanted to fix and add. So I made Inkblot's restoration my goal.

Of course, that was short-lived. After a few days, I gave up and didn't bother touching Inkblot until many months later. Sure, I'd go back and look at it and think about how much I wanted to change it.

Each of those times, I did nothing.

I returned to Inkblot once more during a nice winter vacation my family was taking in Kirkwood with some of my parents' friends' families. The vacation was when I knew I really wanted to fix the site. So I did. I checked every inch of the site. Checked it once, twice, three times. I completely restructured every part and made it like the website I had been envisioning every time I eyed the site longingly.

The vacation was a revolution in more than one way. That was also when my mom helped me buy and connect the url to the site.

Afterward, I did the unthinkable. I ignored the site and left it there - barely in my subconscious. It wasn't until the summer of 2017, practically the anniversary of Inkblot's beginning, when I realized Inkblot deserved more attention. My mom even hired a mentor to help me make the site its best.

And that's how we got where we are.

If you like this site or have a little piece of friendly feedback you want everyone to see, comment it here! I always check back every now and then to make sure this site is something young authors can really enjoy. It's practically guaranteed I'll see it at some point.

Thank you.

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