Welcome to the weird world of writing.

     Writing can get pretty strange and hard. When you're younger, writing is mainly something you do for pleasure. But as you age, there are more limits on what you can do in your stories, and it can become a struggle to get the same pleasure as before. Thankfully, if you write more, use writing prompts, and use - or take your own spin on - someone else's tips, writing within the "boundaries" becomes easier and more fun.


     Let's start with a writing prompt.

     Choose one of these three pictures and write a story about it:

     Was that hard?

     Probably. It can be pretty hard to start a story at the drop of a hat, and though some writers may be perfectly fine with having to do that, others may want to use other methods to write their stories. That's the point of this page: helping you find a method that works for you so you can write your stories just the way you want to.

     There are about a thousand ways you could start. Since I don't want to force you into one in particular, I'll let you choose. Yes, that's right. I have a nice little array of tips set out here for you, and you can select one to get you started. After that, who knows? You could read some more tips. Or, of course, you could just plunge right in and write your story. Woohoo!

This page offers multiple tactics for developing just the right character for your story.

 Hey, Inkblot readers - it's me. I know this site is kind of empty, but I'm working on adding more content. So just be sure to check in every now and then. You just might find something amazing. 

Here, you'll find plenty of tips for creating a plot that wows readers and keeps making them hungry for more.

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Is your plot ready? Great, because we need a place to serve it to the reader. Looking for tips about crafting a setting? Here's the place.