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     This page is where I record all the changes I've made to the site. Sometimes you'll find I've posted a sneak preview of a future update, so make sure to check in every now and then!

Updates are organized so the oldest updates are at the bottom. Work-in-progress update descriptions are marked.

WIP: This update has something really exciting for you - a blog! It'll also have a page about creating the setting and a page about making your own fantasy/science fiction races. If you want to know when I post updates and want to stop having to keep checking back, I'm also adding an e-mail subscribing feature. We might even have a special writing forum! I'll keep you posted.

June 8, 2017: The launch of this site, with a home page, summary, tips page, gallery, advice page, contact page, this page, and an about page! Also contained a page about characters and a page about plot.