So, that's me. But what about the site?

     Every character has a mission. Stop this bully. Solve this mystery. Figure out where you put the gift cards to Paula's Pizza Plaza.

     Well, I have a mission too, and this is the page where I'm going to tell you all about it.

     Before video games became popular, people read and wrote a lot. Classics were popping up everywhere: Heidi, Bambi, Pollyanna, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Peter Pan, Black Beauty, and on and on and on. But as video games started to sink in, people forgot about all of those books.

     Books are amazing. Unlike TV, they can show detail, they can show feelings, and no matter what, you can always reread a book.

     Writing is amazing, too. Even if you never actually publish your work, the experience you go through developing characters, writing stories, and rereading what you've done is one of the most touching, unique, and spectacular experiences you can have. That's why I'm a writer, that's why so many people in this world are writers, and that's why so many people will become writers across the planet. 

     Others need to understand how important 'old' literature is. My mission at Inkblot is to spread the importance of stories.

     You know what? You can help spread it too...in a FUN way.

     You could help by starting a writing club at your school. That's what I did in fourth grade, and it became very popular. If you want to start one, go right ahead! Find a teacher or parent who's willing to act as chaperone. Put up some posters about your club. Hold meetings on some sort of schedule.

     Another idea is posters. Make posters about reading and writing. Hang them up in a place where lots of people normally go. Sit back and watch as the effect sinks in! I did try this when I was younger, and it was surprisingly fun...

     ...but what if neither of those ideas work for you? What if you're out of other ideas to support reading and writing? What then?


     Pick up a pen or a pencil.

     Have some paper ready.


     ...you know what to do.

Thank you.

My name is Katie, I'm currently in sixth grade, and I've been writing for eight years. In addition to my love of writing, I also like art, design, ants, fonts, and space. I started working on Inkblot over the summer after graduating fourth grade with a goal of helping other young writers enjoy writing more.

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