Welcome to the page of readingness. (Heh heh.)

     Before we begin, I'd like to point out that our writing collection is a tiny bit... empty. There are two poems, and that's really it.

     I would appreciate it if you could submit some of your work to our gallery. Don't worry, I'll take anything...unless, of course, it's not appropriate. Remember that people of all ages can read your work, so take that into consideration. If you would like to submit, the button is right here!

     (Note: I WILL allow stories with grim subjects, but they will be flagged.)


Books in a library
a poem by Katie

The path of your life

is dotted with wonders

amazing animals

and exotic plants

unlike anything you've seen anywhere else

unlike anything you ever will...

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a poem by Tristan

Sometimes I wish

That the beautiful colors

Of the world


That seem on fire

Orange yellow red...