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     Are you having problems with your story?

     Don't be ashamed if there's something going on in your writing life that needs fixing. It happens to the best of us. It happens to me, and if it hasn't happened to you, it probably will.

     But don't panic! Whether you can't get a good idea, your characters aren't working out, or you just have a small question, I'm here for you, to provide advice.

      Simply contact me. Tell me your question.

      Down here, I will put questions and my answers to them. I'll also email back with the answer. If you don't want me to put your question here, let me know, and I'll email my suggestions to you. (Remember, my advice is only for writing problems, not other stuff.)

      Here's a sample question:


Fantasy City 

by ILuvDragons

Dear Author,

I'm doing a fantasy novel, and I need a name for the main character's home city. I don't want you to make one up, just please tell me what you normally do when you think of names.

Dear Dragons,

      A lot of the time I use the site to find a word that is related to the thing I need a name for. Say your city is right atop a coal mine, you would find a word meaning 'coal' or 'mine.' Anthracite was a name that popped up for 'coal.' If you don't like whatever word you got, you could always use Google Translate and find a Latin word. (But before you use whichever word you picked, you might want to switch around the vowels and add some letters here and there.)