Welcome to the Contact page.

     There are plenty of reasons why you'd be here. Instead of filling this paragraph with a bunch of useless information, I skipped straight to my guesses at what your reason might be.

  1. You want your story/poem to be added to the Gallery. Do send it. The Gallery is a bit bare. It would be nice to have more work up there for others to read.

  2. You have a question for the Advice page. Go ahead, tell me. And please make sure to tell me if you want it to be put on the actual Advice page or not. Keep in mind that other writers may have similar questions.

  3. You want something in general to be added. I always take suggestions for Inkblot into consideration, so send your feedback!

  4. You noticed a mistake you want to be corrected. Please let me know! It makes the quality of the site better for everyone.

  5. You have a completely different reason. Go right ahead.

I'll try to respond as soon as possible.

(Keep in mind that patience is a virtue.)