Are you bored of seeing a bunch of gray words?

     I thought so. Well, no worries! Thanks to the magic of whatever is magic, I can make words:


     Still bored? Dang it.

     Well, you still shouldn't worry, because there is a site called (which you should use) that allows me to cram information in with pictures, so you can get handy tips and barely have to move your eyes! I have three so far. Here's the first. It shows you some topics you can choose from...

     Now that should be enough to give you a general idea of what's going on, but what if you want to write a fiction book and you look at that, it's not going to help much, is it? No. For a fiction book, the REAL helper is below.

     What if you're writing a nonfiction book? Don't worry! I've covered that too! Here you go!

     And that's all the infographs I have. I know, isn't it a rather small amount? Thankfully I'm working on adding more, but I need your help too!

     The infographic I'm planning to add is about the most popular fiction genres. To finish it, I need your input. It'll only take a minute for you to fill out the form, so please take the time to submit your response! If you'd like to fill it out, you can do just that by clicking here.


Actually, a lot of these genres are hardly ever used. People often refer to 'genres' as the following: Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Horror, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, and Nonfiction (which crams in all the Nonfiction list topics into one thing). So you probably shouldn't bother with memorizing these lists.